How is Vaping Different from Smoking?

For those who are curious about smoking

For those who are curious about smoking or have been smoking for some time, you may have heard of vape or e-cigarette technology. Because it is still relatively new, a lot of information has been coming out recently, both for and against the new trend.

So just what exactly are the facts, and how does vaping differ from smoking a regular cigarette? There are quite a few differences, and honestly, some of them may surprise you. The future of smoking may be changed forever and may go completely electric.

What is vaping?

Vapes, also known as e-cigarettes, pods, or cigalikes, are small, portable devices usually shaped like a tube that holds juice or 'e-liquid' and a battery inside it. Of course, there are a few other minor parts involved, but essentially, electricity heats the liquid inside the vape and turns it into vapor which is then inhaled and exhaled by the user.

The vapor is a mixture of water and other ingredients inside the juice, substantially lower chemicals than the number found inside a common cigarette. Many options are available for the nicotine levels and the flavors of the juice, so vaping is very customizable and can be built around the consumer's preference.  

Which is more dangerous?

So as mentioned above, the level of chemicals found inside the vapor from an e-cigarette compared to a regular one are incredibly different. Roughly 7000 chemicals are found in common cigarette smoke, whereas this number is thousands less within e-cigarette vapor.

On top of this, carbon monoxide found in the smoke of a cigarette is usually identified as one of the most harmful factors of smoking for the body. Because vaping involves heated liquid and no smoke is produced, it's already considered healthier for the user's health overall. The long-term effects of inhaling vapor compared to cigarette smoke are still being studied, but a study in the UK found the vapor to be far less harmful.

Which is less addictive?

This is a huge bonus for anyone trying to fight their addiction to nicotine as a result of smoking cigarettes. Within each cigarette product is nicotine, so the user cannot escape consuming it every time they light up. But with vaping, an option is available to choose the nicotine levels you want in your juice, ranging from high levels down to zero.

This means that by vaping, you can slowly wind down your nicotine addiction if you choose to. Many people have even started the transition to vaping as a method to get off their addiction to cigarettes without suddenly shocking the body.  

Which one is cheaper?

It may be a surprise to some, but after a little bit of math, we can say that vaping is the cheaper option compared to smoking cigarettes. The average cigarette pack costs roughly $6.28, which means even one pack a day can rack up a bill of $2,292 a year. This number can easily reach $5000 if more than one pack is smoked daily.

Although the costs to start vaping can rise to $60, the annual expenses can range, averaging out at $900, depending on the products one purchases and extra modifications made to their vape.

So, overall, between the two choices, if you're going to smoke something, we recommend a vape over a cigarette. It's healthier, cheaper, and as a bonus, smells much better too.